With the integration of a multidisciplinary team of professionals in different branches (lawyers, accountants, economists, administrators) we provide legal advisory services through our strategic alliance with the firm Shirley & Asociados and tax assistance. We are backed by our global MSI structure with presence in more than 100 countries around the world, which allows us to offer efficient solutions based on our experience of more than 8 years in the national market.

Our specialized areas:

Tax Consulting

• Permanent tax consultancy
• Tax planning
• International Taxation
• Advice on customs and foreign trade issues

Tax audit

• Technical assistance
• Review of the proper compliance with tax obligations
• Diagnosis of the tax situation of your business
• Evaluation of controls and procedures
• Review of income statements.
• Preparation of tax returns for natural and legal persons.
• Advising and accompanying in fiscalizaciones and tax defense

Transfer Pricing or Transfer Pricing

• Transfer pricing studies and their supporting documentation
• Affidavit of information
• Prospective Transfer Pricing Reports

Real Estate Lawyers

• Consultancy in civil and contractual matters
• Advice on corporate issues
• Reorganization of companies (mergers and acquisitions)
• Stock market
• Intellectual property, competition and free market
• Insolvency and insolvency systems
• Migratory aspects
• Advisory in audit procedures
• Complaint and Appeal Counseling
• Counseling in the administrative contentious claim process
• Audit of procedures already initiated

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