Payroll Services


Our Human Resources and Payroll department are in charge of preparing the payroll of executives and / or other employees of the company, taking care of all formal and substantial labor obligations. For this service, we have experienced and duly updated professionals in the labor regulations and taxes that affect the remunerations.


  • Permanent update of the payroll. (Salaries, vacations, thirteenth month and settlements)
  • Elaboration and issuance of ballots for the payment of remunerations.
  • Presentation of monthly salaries in the System of Income and Economic Benefits (SIPE) and issue the receipt of payment of the worker – employer quota of the Social Security Fund.
  • Present the notices of entries and exits in the System of Income and Economic Benefits (SIPE).
  • Payment service of the worker – employer quota in the Social Security Fund and the withdrawal / delivery of the employee ‘s files.
  • Registration of companies in the Social Security Fund.
  • Control of vacations, loans and advances to staff.
  • Attention to the requirements of the Ministry of Labor.
  • Preparation of Work Contracts.
  • Employment advice.
  • Diánostico of the human resources function
  • Strategic planning workshops
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