Accounting Services


We have authorized professional accountants who are constantly updated in accounting standards (IFRS) and tax legislation and with sufficient experience and skills to handle the entire accounting process and the timely delivery of financial statements and other reports, as well as the management of The taxes of the company.


  • Initial assessment, process improvement and working methodology of the accounting area.
  • Management of the flow of documents and accounting files.
  • Registration, processing and updating of accounting.
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations.
  • Presentation of accounts receivable and payable.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Preparation and presentation of ITBMS reports, Timbre, Purchasing Report, Capital Gain, among others.
  • Tax and labor compliance reviews.
  • Attention to requirements of the Social Security Fund, Ministry of Labor, Municipality, among others.
  • Counseling in matters of accounting, tax, labor and control.
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